Football transformation

The World of the Future

Turin, IT – September 2nd 2020

If you – like many others – are dreaming to leave this year behind, I’m telling you, make your peace now, because 2020’s second half is still at its beginning. It’s not about alarmism, it’s about reality. We have to realize what we’re dealing with to be able to face the problem and to start again, ready to build our brand-new shining future. This is the only way to make sure, in life as for sport, that everything is going to be alright or, as we actually love to say it in Italy, #andràtuttobene.

So here we are, ready to discuss why the entire Football World will never be the same, and to suggest you a few tips from where to start to build it up again.


Digital transformation

A great number of Clubs all over the world still uses old-fashioned Experience-based models, even though most of today success stories starts from the adoption of a scientific approach: we’re talking about Data-driven models in which every decision is endorsed by numbers. That’s not all, infact the cutting edge is represented by Artificial Intelligence, a technology that combines machine data with human experience to produce ready-to-use game insights and smart indicators.

If you’re wondering why you should embrace a scientific-powered approach, the answer is easy and it’s called “hunger for success”. Let’s just take a look at a few examples of the season which has just ended.

  • Atalanta B.C. Fighting for the National League with incredible achievements and making its own way towards the Champions League, when nobody ever thought it could stand a chance against top teams.
  • Leeds United F.C. Premier League promotion after 20 long years and the failure of the previous season.
  • Liverpool F.C. Premier League champions after almost 30 years and winners of the Champions League in the previous season.

Nothing but success for visionary clubs and coaches, so why don’t you take advantage of that too? Are you struggling to keep up with a world you don’t know? If so, take a look at the paragraphs below. We offer you a brief overview on the latest about applied science in football and if you want more, feel free to contact us at!


Player Scouting

If you think that a proper player’s profile evaluation is based on video analysis (experience-based) and statistics (data-driven) only, you’re going to find out that there’s much more than clips and numbers. As you already know, a player that seems to fit right may turn into a complete flop after his engagement, but why is that? The team, the coach, the injuries… Imagine if you could consider all of that before, in just one click!


Performance Analysis

Not only clips and endless pages full of numbers where to find something useful, but smart indexes and interactive instruments able to support your match analysis and decision making: make changes, store the results and go back to find out what’s behind failure and success!


Injury Prevention

How about if you could predict the chance of a player to be injured and the reasons why it may happen, based on his postural and movement analysis from a video? How many decisions would you change if you could go back in time with a technology able to help you in such critical situations?



No matter what we’ll ever have to face, progress will help us in finding solutions to make the world move on. Now more than ever we need renovation and innovation to adapt and survive to a global crisis, not only to be a step ahead. The time to face what we have put aside – deliberately or not – has come: post lockdown has already started, and natural selection won’t be late.


Alessandro Caratto
Technical business developer @ASTARteam